A Cocoon To Unravel

It’s been a while since I have not penned something in this cryptic little web space of mine. Had it not been because of my geography class, I would not have remembered this little website that I created about six years ago. Life just got hustling these past four years. It’s not that I lost my beetling passion for writing but mainly because I had been on a road full of both ruffled and laudatory surprises, I must say. I left the disenchanted yet frivolous job I had, got married to my long-time boyfriend (my one and only), and finally settled down in the province and made an astonishing head-start!

I have always dreamed of settling down in the tranquil countryside, beside green lush meadows where I can see the splendid skies and the distant cascading horizon. I love waking up to the merry sounds of birds and the pleasant smell of flowers and hay.

Living in the dense mountainside, where the large mounds of earth scrape the enormous skies, I occasionally pine for the pungent smell and cool breeze of the sea. I grew up in a small but revolutionary town surrounded by the sea and had spent countless happy hours marveling at its greatness and beauty. I found this wonderful kin connection between me and the sea that can not be relinquished by time. That is one certain reason why from there I find a divergent tranquility and calmness.

When things go fuzzy and exasperating, I and my husband seek solace and comfort from the shore. We are just so lucky to be living in a town of shores and hills and an abundance of nature’s beauty sheds which we have a variety to choose from.

Last summer, we decided to visit a local resort just a few minutes away from our home. It was such a perfect day to take a dip and unwind so we packed and fled.

 costa roca

Located at Pondol, Balamban, Cebu, two barangays away from the bustling Poblacion, Costa Roca Resort sits at the west coast of Balamban. Its beauty, grandeur and peaceful ambiance owe it from the beautifully manicured landscape, sleek and well-kept apartment cottages, snug and cozy architecture to the apt choices of upholstery.


When we got there, we opted to have breakfast in their wood terraces that gave a magnificent early morning view of the sea.


Costa Roca Swimming Pool



Since we arrived pretty early, I was not surprised to find that we were the “early birds” that Sunday. We did not wait long to plunge into the pool. The water was cool and refreshing, a perfect cure for the steamy hot summer malady.



Costa Roca is easy to fall in love with. Its warmth and hospitality remain in your heart and put a smile to your face. We ended our invigorating getaway with a brisk tour inside the premises. It was such a delightful day well-spent and we looked forward to visiting the resort in the future.


From the Poblacion, you can take a tricycle in going there, fare is negotiable and will start from Php 15.00 depending on the number of passengers.

Foods prices in the restaurant start from Php 150.00 per menu.

Entrance fee is Php 50.00 per person and is limited to 30 minutes only.

Use of swimming pool fee is Php 100.00 per person and is not time-limited.

Cottage prices vary depending on type and size and may start from Php 800.00.

Be mindful of your belongings and once you’re there, leave all your cares behind and enjoy every minute of your escapade!




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