2014 On The Doorstep


A Christmas tree that’s made of recycled plastic bottles

Then it promptly hit technically 1200 GMT+8 where I was at. There was that ritually familiar rustling sound outside. Then came following the deafening explosions of lit firecrackers – in any form. A sense of déjà vu washed over me. Everything was just all-too familiar. Just a customary start of another year…

With all that I was going through, there is but a thin line between ‘hopefulness’ and ‘hopelessness’.  If you are in a country like mine, you will find yourself bleakly caught in the middle. Tragedy here and there, corruption everywhere, more tragedies and did I mention tragedy?

It is just another bounty year for us to toil and continue to do our best to endure these difficulties for there is no better choice than to be hopeful.

 But to HOPE  is to PRAY and ACT.

What is your choice?

May we be one in prayer in the hope of alleviating our nation starting from ourselves. May we do our share as responsible citizens of this republic and in turn, benefit from our endeavor. And may we all have a generous and joyous year ahead of us!


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