I just love Christmas breaks.

Santa got me :)

Santa got me 🙂

Yes, I do. In school, as far as I can remember, there were two breaks that I got to enjoy every year; one that of summer and one of Christmas. I love the nostalgic pungent smell of hay in summer, the flowers in full bloom, the invitingly sparkling beaches and the fun in playing with the kids under the sun. Christmas is a dear season celebrated by Christians. How I love the lantern-making and the Christmas carol contests in school. All of the holiday excitement and fuss were rewarded by the most-awaited Christmas party when we would exchange gifts, share our food, dance and be merry. The fun would continue until the Christmas break when we would spend the time with our families. At home, we were encouraged to do good and asked to hang our stockings on the wall so Santa Claus can put inside his gifts. And yes, each of us surprisingly got one! The day of Christmas would always be welcomed by receiving the Holy Eucharist in the Holy Mass. Every body was bound to be happy. This went on every year as I was growing up. I guess I can consider it a foundation of my being and perhaps a strong influence on the way I look at life.
But times are changing. I have grown older and have become more aware of the logical aspect of everyday life. For instance, I’ve grown old if not wise enough to realize the truth about the gifts inside the stockings hung on the wall, if you know what I mean. And believe me, I wish I could turn back time. But anyway, now that I am already working as an employee, I only get to enjoy one break each year – Christmas. Yes, I miss the summer sun but we could always make an escape on a nice, delightful weekend to be out there basking ourselves in the heat. For now, I just want to consider myself a little lucky to have celebrated Christmas this year and being able to once again enjoy another Christmas break. 🙂


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