What would you do when you’re haunted with the most insidious, ensnaring yet surprisingly wonderful feelings? Would you succumb to its implacable compulsion? Resist against the forcefully engulfing current? Or would you rather run away and vanish in the blackness of the unknown? This poem was written sometime in May, 2012. Let me share it with you.

I so love watching the sunset from the beach.

I so love watching the sunset from the beach.

Once There Was Love

Once there was love
Dwelt for a time in an abyss of solitude
Thorns of the past she long wept for
Endless dark shadows looming as it could.

From each rising sunrise to every glistening sunset
Through the sparkling dusk till the first hint of dawn
Wresting with raw pain, pure anguish and wild fear
For sleep’s only an illusion, pray it come but soon.

Oh, how weary one can ever be?
Doomed in desolation, held captive of time
Yearning for fate to redeem if not undo the past
Forsake its remnants and leave them all behind.

Once there was love
Slowly beckoned by another’s touch
Like a butterfly would to a lonely violet
Among abodes of daffodils that watch.

Should she succumb to such yieldings?
The mockery of feelings he bestowed?
To give in and fall for a moment’s impulse
Might bring in peril she had known so old.

But how could she resist his relentless plea?
Strong as the waves, loud as a lion’s roar
His eyes probing, searching, ever captivating
His mouth speaking the language of her soul.

Can one stop the wind from blowing north?
Or cede the seagull from taking its flight?
So is with love, enduring amid restraints
And so are the feelings that haunt her at night.

Yet like a dandelion that in the summer blooms
Taking safe refuge beneath the glorious shed
With mustered strength, she conquered strife
To faith she surrendered what lies ahead.

Once there was love…


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